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Number of Burners:
2 Pieces (Can be increased)
Fan Option:
Drying / Cooling
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2 Layer Dryers Detailed Description

EFE SILO produces reliable and efficient grain dryers in various models and capacities to meet today’s drying needs. EFE SILO dryers, a reliable brand in the grain drying industry, are produced with the most modern features available for high performance and simplified operation.

EFE SILO grain dryers provide you with the option of complete drying or drying/cooling. Both methods are applied effectively and economically by EFE SILO grain dryers. Double burner dryers have a separator that separates the combustion chambers. Thus, each fan and heater affects its own combustion chamber and the other is not affected.

In addition to single and double burner grain dryers, EFE SILO also produces 2 and 3-layer grain dryers. These dryers are produced with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 burners to meet your capacity needs.

As EFE SILO, we know that the future depends on the quality and reliability of our products. That’s why each EFE SILO grain dryer is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. All work is simulated electronically and packaged for shipment.

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What Do 2-Deck Dryers Do?

2-layer dryers are special drying equipment used to dry and process materials with greater efficiency in industrial processes. These dryers usually consist of two layers mounted on top of each other, and this structure also increases the drying area, allowing more materials to be processed.

These types of dryers are used in various industrial sectors. It is especially preferred in the food industry for bulk drying of fruits, vegetables, grain products, nuts and similar products. 2-layer dryers are used to meet more intense production demands and increase production capacity.

They are also widely used in the chemical industry. In processes such as drying chemicals, pharmaceutical production or preparation of materials in chemical processes, 2-layer dryers offer an effective solution. These dryers increase productivity by expanding the surface area of materials and processing more materials simultaneously.

The use of 2-deck dryers offers the potential to increase efficiency and production capacity in industrial processes, as well as reduce energy and labor costs. These types of dryers are widely used in material preparation and processing processes in large-scale manufacturing plants, food processing plants, chemical plants and other industrial applications.

Usage Areas of 2 Layer Dryers

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  1. Production Lines: Chain conveyors are commonly used to transport and process products on production lines. They are especially preferred for moving products from one station to another on the assembly line.
  2. Storage and Logistics Centers: In large warehouses and logistics centers, chain conveyor systems are preferred for effective transportation of materials. This ensures quick and orderly movement of products within the warehouse.
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  8. Agriculture: In the agricultural sector, chain conveyors are used to transport products after harvest. This enables rapid transportation of agricultural products to storage areas.

These various application areas of chain conveyors allow industrial processes to be managed more efficiently and effectively. Therefore, they are used as an indispensable means of transportation in many industries.