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Horizontal / Angled
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Belt Conveyor Detailed Description

Efesilo Roller belt conveyors provide horizontal or inclined transmission of the product to be transported. Transmission is provided by the belt moving on the carrier roller.

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What is a Belt Conveyor used for?

Belt conveyor is a conveying system used to facilitate and optimize material transportation in industrial processes. This system involves a mechanism, usually supported by a belt or belt, that carries the materials on it a certain distance. The main purpose of belt conveyors is to automate, accelerate and regulate material transfer.

In manufacturing facilities, belt conveyors are used to move products through different stages in a production line, making production processes more efficient. In the warehousing and logistics industry, belt conveyors play an important role in transferring materials between storage units or from the warehouse to transport vehicles, making logistics operations faster and more effective. In airports, baggage handling systems and cargo terminals, belt conveyors are used to move luggage and cargo quickly, as well as to improve the passenger experience. Additionally, it optimizes packaging processes by ensuring regular and continuous transportation of materials on product packaging lines in the packaging industry. Belt conveyors are an important transportation solution that is widely used to make industrial processes more efficient, safe and orderly in general.

Belt Conveyor Usage Areas

Belt conveyors have a variety of uses across a wide range of industries. Here are some of the areas where belt conveyors are commonly used:

  1. Production and Production Lines: Belt conveyors are used in production facilities to pass products through different stages in a production line and to automate assembly processes. This increases productivity and reduces labor costs.
  2. Storage and Logistics: In storage facilities, belt conveyors are used in the transportation of materials between storage units and in order preparation processes. This makes logistics operations faster and more effective.
  3. Airports: In baggage handling systems, belt conveyors are used in airports to transport passenger luggage to the plane or terminal. It also speeds up cargo transportation processes in cargo terminals.
  4. Packaging Industry: Belt conveyors are used in packaging lines during the packaging, labeling and packing stages of products. This streamlines and speeds up packaging processes.
  5. Food Processing: In food production facilities, belt conveyors are used in processes such as washing, cutting, packaging and transporting products. It ensures food safety with its designs that comply with hygiene standards.
  6. E-commerce and Distribution Centers: In the order preparation processes of e-commerce companies and distribution centers, belt conveyors are used in the collection and packaging of products from the shelves.
  7. Mining and Aggregate Industry: In mining and aggregate facilities, belt conveyors are used in crushing, screening and transportation of various materials.

These areas demonstrate that belt conveyors are a versatile and widely used conveying solution. These conveyors make significant contributions to industrial operations by making material handling more efficient, orderly and safe.