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Efe Silo Ltd., one of the world’s leading companies in grain storage systems. Ltd. It made a new start to its industrial life in Konya in 2022. Our staff with 20 years of industry experience has started production again in Turkey under the Efe Silo brand. Later, the company accelerated its activities and added steel silo production to its vision, with the strength of its success in the sector.

It has proven itself with its high quality production that meets the needs in this field with the Efe Silo brand.

Efe Silo LTD, which has expanded its production facilities by expanding its product portfolio and allocates a significant portion of its annual turnover to R&D activities. ŞTİ. It attaches great importance to new generation grain storage and transportation systems technology and carries out production at world standards.

Efe Silo LTD. ŞTİ. It provides services in 10,000 m2 open area and 5,000 m2 closed area in its production facilities located in Konya.