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Boat Chain Conveyor

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Boat Chain Conveyor Information:

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U Type
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Boat Chain Conveyor Detailed Description

Efesilo Boat Type Chain Conveyors prevent the transported product from remaining inside the body, thanks to its U-type body design.

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What is a Boat Chain Conveyor Used for?

Trough chain conveyors are a special type of conveyor used to facilitate material handling and processing in industrial facilities. These conveyors are widely used in many industrial applications and offer significant advantages.

High carrying capacity is a prominent feature of trough chain conveyors. Having the capacity to carry large amounts of material accelerates production processes and increases efficiency.

Additionally, these conveyors ensure safe and hygienic transportation of material. This feature is of great importance where hygiene requirements are high, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Trough chain conveyors are indispensable for many industries as a high-capacity and hygienic material handling solution. These conveyors improve production processes while also taking worker health and safety into consideration.

Boat Chain Conveyor Usage Areas

Trough chain conveyors are versatile equipment that effectively transport materials in industrial facilities. These specialized conveyors are used in many different industrial sectors and offer a range of benefits. Here are some areas where trough chain conveyors are commonly used:

  1. Mining and Ore Processing: Trough chain conveyors are used to transport and process ores in the mining industry. These conveyors speed up material handling in mining sites.
  2. Agriculture and Grain Storage: These conveyors are used to store and transport grain, seeds and grains. It increases efficiency and reduces labor costs in the agricultural sector.
  3. Food Industry: Trough chain conveyors are widely used in transporting and processing food products. It meets hygiene requirements and ensures product safety.
  4. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: These conveyors are used to transport and process chemical substances. Enables safe transportation of sensitive chemicals.
  5. Construction and Building Materials: Ideal for transporting heavy loads such as cement, sand, gravel and construction materials. It increases efficiency in the construction industry.
  6. Recycling Facilities: Trough chain conveyors are used to transport and process waste materials in recycling facilities. It accelerates the recycling process of waste.
  7. Wood and Paper Industry: It is used in the transportation and processing of wood, paper, and other forest products. It increases efficiency in the forest products industry.
  8. Energy Production: It is used in the transportation and storage of coal, biomass, and other energy resources. It automates material handling processes in power generation facilities.

Trough chain conveyors make material handling easier, increase efficiency and ensure safe transportation of material. Therefore, it is an indispensable equipment for many industries.