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Bottom Scraper – UT Model

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Bottom Scraper - UT Model Detailed Description

UT Model bottom scrapers ensure that the grain, which cannot be discharged with free flow in the silo, is conveyed to the central well by the rotation of the augers and discharged. The drive is transmitted from the engine to the reducer and spirals via coupling. The advancement system is a T model drive and has an external motor. Provides additional engine power. Two T Model drives are used in 22 model and above silos.

Our Maxporter brand UT Model bottom scrapers have CE certification. The advancement mechanism is T model drive.

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Bottom Scraper - UT Model What is it for?

“Silo UT Model” bottom scrapers are equipment used to ensure homogeneous discharge of materials stored in storage silos. These bottom scrapers prevent the accumulation of material on the bottom of the silo, helping to unload the stored material regularly.

Bottom Scraper - UT Model Usage Areas

Silo UT Model bottom scrapers are equipment that has a wide range of usage in storage silos. These bottom scrapers are designed to ensure regular and homogeneous discharge of the material at the bottom of the silo. Here are some areas where Silo UT Model bottom scrapers are commonly used:

  1. Agriculture and Grain Storage: In the agricultural sector, Silo UT Model bottom scrapers are used in silos where grain, seeds and other agricultural products are stored. This prevents stored grain and grain from accumulating on the silo bottom, maintaining a homogeneous material distribution.
  2. Food Processing Facilities: In the food industry, using bottom scrapers in facilities where materials such as flour, sugar and pulses are stored ensures regular and effective evacuation of the material. This is important to maintain the quality of stored food materials.
  3. Chemical and Industrial Storage: Silo UT Model bottom scrapers can be used in facilities where chemicals, petrochemical products and other industrial materials are stored. This optimizes storage processes by preventing material from accumulating on the bottom.
  4. Energy Production Facilities: In energy production facilities where biomass, coal or other energy resources are stored, Silo UT Model bottom scrapers help to discharge the material homogeneously.
  5. Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants: Bottom scrapers are used to discharge the materials stored in water and wastewater treatment plants regularly and effectively.
  6. Construction Material Storage: In the construction industry, in silos where construction materials such as cement, sand and gravel are stored, Silo UT Model bottom scrapers ensure homogeneous discharge of the material.

Silo UT Model bottom scrapers reduce product losses and optimize storage processes by ensuring regular and efficient discharge of material in storage systems.