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Bottom Scraper

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Bottom Scraper Information:

Material Used:
System Between Motor and Reducer
Clogging - Pulley
Spiral Movement Direction:
360 Degrees Around self
Electrical Wiring Connection:
Collector Supported Connection Path
Quality Certificate:

Bottom-Scraper Detailed Description

The silo bottom discharge screw helps carry the grain inside the silo out of the silo. Thanks to the covers on the screw system and the mechanism that controls these covers, the silo is discharged safely. While the control center opens the central cover first, it does not allow the other covers to be opened. After the flow through the central valve ends, other intermediate valves are opened. The parts in the spiral conveying system are manufactured from galvanized sheet metal. Specially cast steel hanger bearings are used to join the spiral leaves. Power is transferred directly from the gearmotor to the drive shaft in the helix via the chain-coupling system. In this way, the screw operates more efficiently and safely. A safe connection is made to the panel using the pipe cable duct system for electrical connection.

Efesilo bottom scraper auger ensures the discharge of the remaining grain after the flow is completed at the bottom of the silo by the force of gravity. It moves by rotating 360 degrees around itself. The grain load on it is calculated and assembled according to the hanging bed group and special frame – roof system. The entire mechanism is manufactured according to the detachable bolt connection system. Drive and motion units are designed differently. The connection between the motor and the reducer is provided by the blocking-pulley system. This provides flexibility for the desired capacity. With the help of the specially designed “dozer walking mechanism” used as driving force, the product unloading movement is completed without the need to intervene inside the silo. A safe connection path is created with special designs by using a “collector device” to eliminate electrical cable connection problems caused by circular movements.

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What is the Use of Bottom-Scraper?

A bottom scraper is a type of equipment generally used in places such as industrial facilities and mines. It is a cleaning tool whose main function is to clean and remove the materials accumulated in storage tanks, bunkers or other large enclosed spaces, stuck to the bottom of the tank or chamber. This equipment is usually designed as a large paddle or blade and is powered by a motorized mechanism. Bottom scrapers have the ability to reach areas where material has accumulated and can effectively scrape it off. This helps maintain a continuous and orderly production flow by preventing material from accumulating in storage tanks or bunkers. Bottom-scrapers have an important role in increasing efficiency and minimizing material losses in industrial facilities.

Bottom-Scraper Usage Areas

Bottom-scrapers are used in various industrial fields and application scenarios. Here are some areas where bottom scrapers are commonly used:

  1. Mining and Quarrying: Bottom scrapers are used in mines, quarries and ore processing facilities. In these environments, they are used to clean material that accumulates on the bottoms of tanks or bunkers during the storage of various minerals and materials.
  2. Power Plants: Bottom-scrapers are used in electricity generation facilities, especially in bunkers used for storing coal or other fuels. This ensures that fuel is supplied regularly and efficiently.
  3. Chemical Industry: Bottom-scrapers can be used in the storage and processing of various chemicals in chemical plants. This can help optimize the mixing and processing of chemicals.
  4. Food and Agriculture: Bottom scrapers are used in grain storage facilities and places where agricultural products are processed. This helps regulate the storage and transportation of agricultural products.
  5. Oil and Gas Industry: In oil refineries and storage facilities, bottom-scrapers can be used for the storage and transportation of crude oil and refined products.
  6. Cement Industry: In cement factories, bottom-scrapers are used during the storage and mixing of various materials.

Bottom-scrapers are often used in large storage facilities to optimize material management and streamline production processes. They help maintain a continuous and efficient production flow by preventing material build-up in these areas.