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V Belt with Pulley
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Efe Silo Special Production Bucket
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Bucket Elevator Detailed Description

Efesilo bucket elevators provide economical vertical transportation of grain. The elevator system is designed for grain and manufactured taking into account the harshest working conditions. In all Efesilo elevator systems, the column, drive unit head and tension unit are manufactured from Magnelis ZM310 sheet metal. Plastic buckets specially produced by Efesilo are used for vertical transportation of grains. There is no need to cover the motor group (IP 55) located on the upper head of the elevator system due to its water-tightness feature. Reducer movement from the engine is provided by a V-belt pulley. The reducer is directly connected to the drive shaft. There are 2 inspection covers on the head of the drive unit, allowing easy access and maintenance. The inside of the header is coated with special delrin material and rubber to ensure that the grains are transferred to the distributor without being damaged. The drum at the head is also rubber coated to prevent the belt from slipping and skidding. There are 2 observation covers at the bottom of the elevator system for easy access and 2 mobile covers to facilitate cleaning. The tensioning unit located on the right and left side tightens the belt, which stretches due to hot summer weather conditions and long-term use, and prevents its performance from decreasing. The lower drum consists of a steel cage to prevent the grain flowing through the receiving gate from getting stuck between the drum and the belt and being damaged.

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What is a Bucket Elevator used for?

In industrial production processes, material handling and lifting operations occur frequently. One of the tools that make these operations more efficient and effective is the bucket elevator. Generally used in factories, warehouses, silos and logistics centers, bucket elevators are an important industrial transportation system that allows materials to be lifted or transported from a certain line or point to another line or point.

A bucket elevator is basically a vertical transport vehicle and is used to transport materials to high places. This system provides an ideal solution when large amounts of material need to be transported. The main components of a bucket elevator consist of a series of special containers called buckets. These buckets are mounted at a fixed distance on a conveyor belt system and move towards the location where they will carry the material.

Bucket Elevator Usage Areas

Bucket Elevator has a wide application area in the industrial sector. Here are the areas where bucket elevators are commonly used:

  1. Agriculture: Bucket elevators have a wide range of uses in the agricultural sector. They are widely used in the storage and transportation of agricultural products such as grain, flour and feed.
  2. Mining: Bucket elevators play a critical role in the transportation and processing of ores in mines. They are ideal for lifting heavy materials.
  3. Chemical Industry: Bucket elevators are widely used in the transportation and processing of chemicals. They are indispensable for transporting raw materials in chemical plants.
  4. Food Industry: Bucket elevators are used to transport and store materials such as grain, flour, and sugar in food processing plants.
  5. Construction: In the construction industry, bucket elevators are preferred for elevating and transporting construction materials such as sand, cement and gravel.
  6. Energy Production: Bucket elevators are used to transport coal, wood chips and biomass fuel to energy production facilities.
  7. Cement and Concrete Industry: In cement and concrete production facilities, bucket elevators are preferred for transporting materials during complex processes.
  8. Waste Management: Waste facilities use bucket elevators to transport and process garbage and recyclables.
  9. Chemical and Petroleum Refineries: Bucket elevators are frequently used in the transportation of chemical and petrochemical products.
  10. Maritime and Ports: In ports, bucket elevators are used to load and unload materials from ships.

Bucket elevators are an important transportation tool for many industrial applications due to their high payload, durability and ability to move a variety of materials. These systems can be customized to fit the needs of different industries while speeding up material handling, reducing labor and increasing efficiency.