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Efesilo Bucket Elevators enable your product to be transported vertically at the desired capacity without damage and economically.

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What are Bucket Elevators Used for?

In industrial facilities, material handling and loading operations are of great importance. One of the tools that facilitate these processes and increase efficiency is bucket elevators. Bucket elevators handle materials effectively and provide an ideal solution for many industrial applications.

Bucket elevators are frequently used, especially where powder, granules or sprinkles need to be transported. These systems pick up material from a high point and transport it to the target point via a conveyor belt or conveyor system. This automates material handling processes and ensures efficient use of labor.

Additionally, material protection is of great importance in many industrial processes where bucket elevators are used. Bucket elevators protect the material from dust or external factors. For this reason, they are widely used in sectors such as food, chemistry, mining and construction.

As a result, bucket elevators facilitate material handling in industrial facilities, increase efficiency and ensure material protection. Therefore, they are considered an indispensable tool for many industrial applications.

Usage Areas of Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are versatile equipment used to facilitate material handling and loading in industrial facilities. These systems are used for a variety of purposes in many different industries. Here are the areas where bucket elevators are commonly used:

  1. Agricultural Sector: Bucket elevators are frequently used in the storage and transportation of grain, seeds, feed, and other agricultural products.
  2. Mining and Mineral Processing: In mining facilities, bucket elevators are used to extract and transport ores from underground or from mine surfaces.
  3. Food Industry: Bucket elevators are used to transport and process flour, sugar, grain products and other foodstuffs. Additionally, they meet cleanliness and hygiene requirements.
  4. Chemical Industry: Bucket elevators ensure safe transportation of chemical products during the transportation and processing of chemical products.
  5. Construction and Construction Materials: Widely used in transportation and storage of lime, cement, sand, and other construction materials.
  6. Energy Production: They are used to transport and store coal and other fuels to energy production facilities.
  7. Environmental Control: In wastewater treatment plants, bucket elevators play an important role in transporting and processing waste material.
  8. Storage and Packaging: Bucket elevators offer great advantages in terms of efficiency and worker health in the storage, packaging and transportation of materials.

Bucket elevators automate material handling and processing in these different industries, increasing efficiency and meeting hygiene and safety standards. Therefore, they are considered an essential equipment for many industries.