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Efesilo Chain Conveyors enable grain to be conveyed flat or inclined at the desired capacity, without damage and economically.

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What is a Chain Conveyor Used for?

Chain conveyor is a transportation system frequently used in industrial production processes. We usually see it in factories, warehouses and logistics centers. These conveyor systems allow materials to be transported from a certain line or point to another line or point.

Chain conveyors generally consist of carrier plates mounted on a chain. These plates are used to transport products. The chain works with engine power and pushes the products from one point to another.

These types of conveyors are ideal for transporting heavy loads. They are used to move parts of heavy machinery or move large boxes, especially in factory environments. Additionally, chain conveyors can be integrated into automation systems, making production processes more efficient.

Chain conveyors can increase the speed in the production process and reduce worker workload. They also ensure a more orderly flow in the production line by ensuring that products are transported in an orderly manner.

Chain Conveyor Usage Areas

Chain conveyors have a wide range of applications in the industrial sector. Here are the areas where chain conveyors are commonly used:

  1. Production Lines: Chain conveyors are commonly used to transport and process products on production lines. They are especially preferred for moving products from one station to another on the assembly line.
  2. Storage and Logistics Centers: In large warehouses and logistics centers, chain conveyor systems are preferred for effective transportation of materials. This ensures quick and orderly movement of products within the warehouse.
  3. Packaging Industry: In the packaging industry, chain conveyors are used for packaging and transporting products. This allows products to be moved through the packaging line quickly.
  4. Food Industry: In food production facilities, chain conveyors are used to transport packaged products. Additionally, special chain conveyors made with cleanable materials are also used in food processing processes.
  5. Heavy Industry: In heavy industrial facilities, chain conveyors are preferred for transporting large and heavy materials. This is widely used in industries such as the iron and steel industry.
  6. Airports: In baggage handling systems, chain conveyors are used to transport luggage to aircraft. This allows luggage to be routed quickly and reliably.
  7. Mining and Construction: In the mining and construction industries, chain conveyors are used to transport large stones and materials. This allows workers to move heavy loads more efficiently.
  8. Agriculture: In the agricultural sector, chain conveyors are used to transport products after harvest. This enables rapid transportation of agricultural products to storage areas.

These various application areas of chain conveyors allow industrial processes to be managed more efficiently and effectively. Therefore, they are used as an indispensable means of transportation in many industries.