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Commercial Taper Silo – CH Model

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Commercial Taper Silo – CH Model Information:

Maximum Capacity:
Base Angle:
37-40-45 and 60┬║
4,58m - 11,00m
Quality Certificate:

Commercial Conical Silo - Ch Model Detailed Description

Commercial conical bottom grain storage silos are used in storage operations such as meeting the need for high amounts of storage as well as continuous filling and unloading in the facilities, preventing financial losses as well as time and energy losses during unloading, blending operations and classification before drying.

Conical base angles are offered as 37-40-45-60┬║ depending on the type of product to be stored, silo diameter and purpose.

Efesilo Commercial Conical Bottom Silos are offered in diameters ranging from 4.58m to 11.00m and meet grain storage requirements with a maximum capacity of 1829m┬│.

Mysilo commercial conical bottom silos with high storage capacity have a very strong structure thanks to their specially designed steel construction structure and support columns that enable the loads in the silo to be successfully transferred to the ground.

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What is the Use of Commercial Conical Silo - Ch Model?

Commercial conical silo CH model is a type of cone-shaped storage silo generally designed for industrial and commercial use. This silo model is generally used for storage, storage and management of dusty and scattered materials. The main functions of the commercial conical silo CH model include material storage, flow control, material transfer and hygienic storage.

It is a storage solution commonly used in food, chemical, energy, building materials and other industrial sectors. This model appeals to a wide range of industries in terms of material management, storage capacity and material transfer.

Commercial Conical Silo - Ch Model Usage Areas

The commercial conical silo CH model is a storage solution used for a wide range of industrial applications. This silo model is designed for effective storage, storage and management of materials that are often dusty and scattered.

It is a versatile storage solution that can adapt to a wide range of applications and helps optimize material management, storage and transfer processes in industrial facilities.