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EFESİLO Distributors;
It allows the product to be directed smoothly to where it needs to go. Multiple entry configurations are designed to direct products to more than one different location at the same time.

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What is the use of a distributor?

Distributors are important players who act as a bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer and organize the distribution of products in the marketing chain. Distributors, which generally operate in many sectors, distribute manufacturers’ products to a wide geographical region or to specific markets, enabling the products to reach larger audiences.

Distributor Usage Areas

Distributors have a variety of uses across many sectors and industries. Here are some areas where distributors are commonly used:

  1. Food and Beverage Industry: Food and beverage manufacturers work with distributors to distribute the products they produce to retailers and restaurants. Distributors optimize the food supply chain by delivering fresh and processed food products quickly.
  2. Retail: Companies operating in the retail sector can cooperate with distributors to deliver the products they purchase from manufacturers to their stores. This enables retailers to provide customers with a constant supply of products by replenishing their stock.
  3. Electronics and Technology Products: Electronic product manufacturers can make agreements with distributors to sell the mobile phones, computers and other technology products they produce worldwide. This allows products to be distributed over a wide geographical area.
  4. Construction Materials: Companies operating in the construction industry can supply construction materials through distributors. This ensures that building materials reach construction sites quickly.
  5. Books and Publishing: Publishing houses can collaborate with distributors to deliver their books to bookstores, retailers, and online stores. This allows books to reach a wide readership.
  6. Automotive Industry: Automobile manufacturers market auto parts, tires, and other automotive products through distributors. This allows the automotive industry to have a wide supply network.
  7. Food Services and Restaurants: Restaurants, cafes and food service businesses continue their businesses by procuring their ingredients and food products from distributors.

These areas illustrate the important role of distributors in various industries. By managing the supply chain between manufacturers and consumers, distributors optimize business processes and enable products to be distributed across a wider market.