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It can be directed to the desired direction with the switch
Made of Magnelis Coated Sheet
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Distributor Detailed Description

Efesilo multi-way distributors, made of Magnelis coated sheet metal, are used to distribute grain and are located under the elevator upper head. Thanks to its insulated structure, it does not allow dust to escape. Wear caused by friction is prevented by using material (UHMW 1000) at the points in contact with the grain in the distributor. A bolted system is used at all joints of the distributor.

The path through which the grain will flow can be determined arbitrarily with a switch. Efesilo dispensers are produced with the capacity and strength to operate smoothly in high tonnage filling and discharging systems. The motor and sensors used on the dispenser have a structure that can be easily removed and replaced in case of malfunction. In addition, there is a monitoring cover on the distributor body to detect and eliminate the flow and any malfunction or blockage that may occur in the pipe inside the distributor.

Efesilo offers distributor solutions with varying numbers of paths.

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What is the use of a distributor?

Distributor silos are among the critical structures used to manage material storage and distribution processes in industrial facilities. These silos are designed to store a variety of materials, often in large quantities, which may include grain, chemicals, powders or granules. Their basic functions are carried out through special transport systems used to safely transport and distribute stored materials to certain points. Distributor silos play an important role in optimizing production processes, facilitating inventory management and streamlining material flow. In addition, these silos, which can be integrated with automation systems, contribute to the more efficient operation of industrial facilities, enable material management and ensure an orderly flow in the production line.

Distributor Usage Areas

The main function of distributor silos is to store a particular product and then distribute this product to various points. These silos usually have a special design and durable structure, because the stored material is usually large and valuable.

Some key features of these silos are:

  1. Material Variety: Distributor silos have the capacity to store a variety of materials, usually in liquid, powder or granule form. For example, materials such as grain, chemicals, cement, flour can be stored in these silos.
  2. Capacity: Distributor silos generally have large capacities. This enables large quantities of materials to be stored in industrial facilities.
  3. Transport and Distribution Systems: These silos have specially designed systems to transport and distribute the materials they contain to certain points. These systems can often include elements such as conveyor belts, air removal systems or screw conveying systems.
  4. Control Systems: Modern distributor silos are often equipped with automatic control systems. These systems can be used to monitor the quantity of stored materials, control factors such as temperature and humidity, and optimize distribution processes.
  5. Security: Distributor silos may have various security measures for safe storage of materials. This may include fire suppression systems, overpressure valves or sensors to control material flow.

Distributor silos often play an important role in industrial production processes and provide great advantages in terms of material management.