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Horizontal Type Dryers

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Horizontal Type Dryers Information:

Drying Option:
Drying / Cooling
Number of Burners:
2 pieces
Quality Certificate:

Horizontal Type Dryers Detailed Description

EFE SILO produces reliable and efficient grain dryers in various models and capacities to meet today’s drying needs. A reliable brand in the grain drying industry

EFE SILO dryers are produced with the most modern features available for high performance and simplified operation.

EFE SILO grain dryers give you the option of complete drying or drying/cooling. Both methods are applied effectively and economically by EFE SILO grain dryers. Double burner dryers have a separator that separates the combustion chambers. Thus, each fan and heater affects its own combustion chamber and the other is not affected.

As EFE SILO, we know that the future depends on the quality and reliability of our products. That’s why each EFE SILO┬ágrain dryer is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory. All work is simulated electronically and packaged for shipment.

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What Do Horizontal Type Dryers Do?

Horizontal type dryers are equipment used for drying liquid or paste materials in industrial processes. These types of dryers spread the materials over a wide surface and allow them to come into contact with the air flow, which accelerates the drying process. Horizontal type dryers usually contain a conveyor belt or drum, where the material is dried by air flow as it moves in an orderly manner on this conveyor.

The usage areas of these dryers are quite wide. In the food industry, it is frequently used to dry products such as fruit juice concentrates, dairy products, spices and other food ingredients. In the chemical industry, they are preferred for drying chemicals, drugs or pigments. They are also widely used in various industries to dry moisture-containing materials and to produce products with desired properties.

Horizontal dryers optimize the material drying process, increasing energy efficiency and making production processes more efficient. This plays an important role in many stages in industrial facilities, from material preparation to storage.

Horizontal Type Dryers Usage Areas

Horizontal dryers are used to dry a variety of materials in a wide range of industries. Here are some areas where horizontal type dryers are commonly used:

  1. Food Industry: Horizontal type dryers are frequently preferred for drying fruit juice concentrates, milk powders, spices, vegetables and other food products. This allows food items to be stored in dry form with a long shelf life.
  2. Chemical Industry: Used for drying chemicals, medicines, pigments and other chemical products. This allows materials to be processed and stored to required quality standards.
  3. Agriculture and Agricultural Products: Materials obtained from agricultural products, especially products such as dried fruits, vegetables and herbs, are processed using horizontal type dryers. This ensures that the products stay fresh for longer.
  4. Environmental Control: It is used in the drying and processing of wastewater, sludge or industrial waste. This aims to make waste take up less volume and reduce its environmental impact.
  5. Construction Materials: In the construction industry, horizontal type dryers are used for drying and processing materials such as cement, lime and plaster. This ensures that the materials have the desired properties.
  6. Metallurgy: In metallurgical processes, horizontal type dryers can be used in drying processes to ensure that metal powders or metals have certain properties.

These wide usage areas of horizontal type dryers show the efficiency and reliability in the drying, processing and storage processes of materials. These dryers play an important role in industrial production and are widely preferred in material preparation and processing stages in various sectors.