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Efesilo inclined chain conveyors provide the opportunity to easily transport grain and its derivatives at the desired capacity, without damage and economically, according to the desired angle and slope.

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What is the Use of Inclined Chain Conveyor?

Inclined chain conveyor is a conveying system used in material transportation, especially on steep or inclined surfaces. These conveyor systems optimize production processes by allowing materials to be picked up from a height and transported to a lower level or vice versa. Inclined conveyors are generally used to transport boxes, packages, bags, and similar materials on steep or inclined surfaces.

These conveyors usually include transport plates or buckets mounted on a chain system. Its inclined design is used to save space and facilitate material transfer between different levels. They are used especially in storage facilities, material processing facilities and production lines to transport materials from one particular point to another in a fast, safe and continuous manner.

The uses of inclined chain conveyors include various industrial applications such as storage systems, packaging lines, agricultural operations, and the construction industry. These conveyors automate material handling processes, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. Additionally, it prevents material loss and makes production processes more efficient.

Inclined Chain Conveyor Usage Areas

Inclined chain conveyors are used in material handling and transfer operations in various industries. The main areas of use are:

  1. Mining and Quarries: Inclined conveyors are used to take the materials extracted from mines and quarries from high altitudes and transport them to lower levels. This makes it easier to transport extracted materials to processing or storage areas.
  2. Agriculture and Grain Storage: In the agricultural sector, especially in grain and grain production facilities, inclined conveyors are used to transfer products to storage facilities or transportation vehicles.
  3. Construction Industry: Inclined chain conveyors offer an effective solution for transporting materials between different levels in construction projects, especially in the construction of high-rise buildings or infrastructure projects.
  4. Packaging and Logistics: Inclined conveyors are used during material transfer from packaging lines to storage areas or transport vehicles. This optimizes material flow in logistics operations.
  5. Food Processing Industry: In food production facilities, packaging lines and storage areas, inclined conveyors are used to transfer materials quickly and hygienically.
  6. Fertilizer and Chemical Production: In fertilizer and chemical production facilities, inclined conveyors are commonly used to transport materials to processing units or storage tanks at different levels.

Inclined chain conveyors are generally a preferred transportation system to provide high efficiency and flexibility in material transportation processes. These systems improve operational efficiency by adapting to a variety of applications in different industries.