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Efesilo Machine Towers;

Elevators, weighbridges, dust collection units, distributors, conveyors, etc. These are the structures where other equipment is located. It is designed and manufactured taking into account snow, wind and seismic loads that may affect the structural system. There are easy-to-use stairs to reach the floors. Modules are sent to the assembly site disassembled and completely bolted. The sides and roof are covered with trapezoidal sheets or panels according to customer demand. Our productions are optionally galvanized or painted. Special productions are made to suit your needs and business.

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What is the Use of the Machine Tower?

The machine tower serves as an important structural element in the construction and industrial sectors. These towers, usually placed at a high point, are used for positioning and operating different machines. Here’s more information on what the machine tower does:

Machine towers undertake the task of providing height. This makes it possible to position different machines at a high point in construction projects or industrial facilities. The height advantage helps perform operations more efficiently and effectively.

They serve as a support for cranes and lifting equipment. These towers provide an ideal platform for the assembly and operation of cranes. This makes lifting, moving and placing heavy loads easier.

They play an important role in construction projects. It meets the height requirements of machine towers, concrete mixers, cranes, elevators and other equipment. This is a critical requirement for the construction of buildings and the assembly of large structures.

Machine Tower Usage Areas

Machine towers are versatile structural elements used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Here are some of the common uses of machine towers:

  1. Construction Industry: In construction projects, machine towers are used for high positioning and operation of concrete mixers, cranes, elevators and other equipment. This facilitates the construction of buildings, assembly of large structures and other construction operations.
  2. Industrial Facilities: In industrial facilities, various production machines, processing equipment and warehouse systems are placed at high points using machine towers. This is important to optimize production processes and increase efficiency.
  3. Cranes and Lifting: Machine towers are used for the assembly and operation of cranes. It facilitates the lifting, transportation and placement of heavy loads. This is indispensable for construction projects and cargo handling operations.
  4. Energy and Telecommunications: Allows components such as power lines, telecommunication antennas and communication equipment to be positioned at a high point. This ensures effective service of the energy transmission and communications infrastructure.
  5. Maintenance and Repair: It is used for maintenance and repair operations in industrial facilities and infrastructure systems. It makes maintenance processes more efficient by facilitating access to equipment.
  6. Wind Power Plants: Machine towers are used for the assembly and maintenance of wind turbines. This supports the construction and operation of wind power plants.
  7. Maritime and Ports: Port facilities, docks and cargo handling systems are built with machine towers. This provides cargo handling and ship access.
  8. Entertainment and Events: Machine towers are used for stage setups and lighting systems for concerts, events and special events.

Machine towers are considered a critical equipment for many industries with their height advantage and carrying capacity. These towers help in the successful completion of large projects and efficient running of industrial operations.