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Hazelnut Dryers Detailed Description

Aflatoxin formation must be prevented in order for hazelnuts, which are among the traditional export products of our country and have great economic value, to find the value they deserve and for their exports to be sustainable. Hazelnuts stored without drying, especially in areas receiving rainfall during harvest periods, cause quality losses, rot, mold and aflatoxin formation. These organisms cause many diseases in plants, animals and humans, and also cause losses to the majority of agricultural products every year.

In order to produce quality hazelnuts and to prevent the quality and reputation of Turkish hazelnuts from being damaged, one of the most important stages in preventing the formation of aflatoxin in hazelnuts is the drying phase. Hazelnuts must be dried properly and correctly. The high moisture content of the harvested hazelnuts should be reduced to 6% and the essential thing is to ensure this when necessary. Since this cannot be achieved in drying processes carried out with traditional methods, the desired result will be achieved by machine drying. However, if hazelnuts lose moisture too quickly, it causes loss of quality. This occurs due to extremely sudden wastage of the product and is usually caused by too high a drying temperature. For this reason, the temperature in EFE SILO hazelnut dryers is constantly controlled electronically. The product is ensured to dry most efficiently and without damage within a certain temperature range.

EFE SILO hazelnut dryers are preferred throughout the sector and are the leaders in the market, thanks to their significant reduction in drying time, prevention of losses and increasing product quality.

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What Do Hazelnut Dryers Do?

Hazelnut dryers are important devices widely used in the industrial world. These dryers are generally used to reduce the moisture content of hazelnuts or to dry them completely and make them ready for processing. They offer a number of advantages across different industries and find use in many areas.

Primarily, hazelnut dryers are used in hazelnut drying processes. Post-harvest hazelnuts naturally contain high moisture. Hazelnut dryers quickly remove this excess moisture and ensure that the hazelnuts reach the desired moisture level. This improves the quality of the hazelnuts and reduces the risk of spoilage.

Additionally, hazelnut dryers make dried hazelnuts ideal for long-term storage. This offers hazelnut producers the opportunity to sell their products out of season, thus increasing marketing opportunities.

Hazelnut dryers also optimize processing processes. In industrial facilities, when dried hazelnuts are ready for processing, production processes become more efficient and faster. This increases productivity while also reducing costs.

Hazelnut Dryers Usage Areas

Hazelnut dryers offer a wide range of uses in the hazelnut industry and many other industrial sectors. Here are some of the areas where hazelnut dryers are commonly used:

  1. Hazelnut Production: Hazelnut dryers are mainly used for drying hazelnuts after hazelnut harvest. This reduces the high moisture of the hazelnuts, improving quality and making them suitable for long-term storage.
  2. Food Industry: Hazelnuts are used as the main ingredient of many food products. Hazelnut dryers are used in the food industry for the production of hazelnut-based products.
  3. Snack Products: Hazelnuts are an important component of healthy snack products. Dried hazelnuts are used in the production of snack products.
  4. Patisserie and Desserts: Hazelnut dryers help produce dried hazelnuts used in the making of patisserie and dessert products.
  5. Cosmetics Industry: Hazelnut oil and hazelnut-based materials are used in the production of cosmetic products. Hazelnut dryers are used for the production of these materials.
  6. Livestock and Feed Industry: Dried hazelnuts can be used as animal feed. Hazelnut dryers help prepare hazelnuts for the feed industry.
  7. Agriculture Sector: In regions where hazelnut trees are grown, hazelnut dryers are an important part of hazelnut production.
  8. Export: Hazelnut is a product in demand worldwide. Dried hazelnuts are prepared for export.

Hazelnut dryers are indispensable in the drying and processing of materials in many sectors, especially the hazelnut industry. These devices improve hazelnut quality, ensure long-term preservation of products and optimize production processes.