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Coating Material:
Trapezoidal Sheet or Panel (Optional)
Determined according to customer needs
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Porch Detailed Description

Efesilo Porch Systems;

Loading silos, truck lifting platforms, tremie dust collection units, scales, blowers, etc., which ensure the protection of products and equipment during product intake or shipment from silos. These are the structures where the equipment is located. The height of the shed is determined by the truck on the lifting device and when it is fully open. It is designed and manufactured taking into account snow, wind and seismic loads that may affect the structural system. The sides and roof are covered with trapezoidal sheets or panels according to customer demand. Our productions are optionally galvanized or painted. Special productions are made to suit your needs and business.

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What is the Use of a Porch?

Silos or sheds used for grain storage are special types of structures commonly seen in the agricultural sector. These sheds are often used in open areas to store grain, flour, feed or other agricultural products. Their main function is to provide protection and storage of agricultural products. It is important to protect these products from environmental factors, to prevent quality loss and to preserve them for a long time.

These sheds have high capacity and can store large quantities of grain or other products. Its high walls and roofs are designed to accommodate large quantities of products. Sheds protect stored products from weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind and sun. This ensures that the products do not suffer damage from external factors and maintain their quality.

Some sheds are equipped with climate control systems to control the temperature and humidity of stored items. This helps products maintain freshness for longer. Additionally, sheds have designs that facilitate loading and unloading of products. This allows products to be stored and transported easily.

Porch Usage Areas

Sheds used as silos and grain storage have various uses in the agricultural sector. Here are some of the areas where these porches are commonly used:

  1. Agricultural Businesses: Agricultural businesses use sheds to store harvested grains, corn, wheat and other products. These structures protect the products from environmental factors and insects.
  2. Flour Mills: Flour mills use sheds to process grains such as wheat. This ensures that products are stored safely before processing.
  3. Feed Factories: Feed production facilities use sheds to store feed raw materials. This ensures continuity of feed production.
  4. Grain Stores: Grain warehouses use sheds to store and trade grain products. These warehouses are an important part of trade.
  5. Agricultural Cooperatives: Agricultural cooperatives use sheds to collect, store and market their members’ products.
  6. Grain Trading: Grain trading companies use sheds to store and export products.
  7. Food Processing Facilities: Food processing facilities use sheds to process wheat and other grains.
  8. Livestock Sheds: Cattle farms and livestock operations use sheds to store feed.
  9. Trading Ports: Trading ports use sheds for grain trade. This is an important part of the import and export of grain.

Silos and grain storage sheds play an important role in the agricultural and food sectors. It is a critical requirement in protecting, storing and trading products. These structures ensure the safe storage and distribution of agricultural products.