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Screw Conveyor Detailed Description

Efesilo Standard construction is in the form of tub (U-type) and tube helix and is optionally manufactured from galvanized steel, painted steel and stainless steel.

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What is the Use of Screw Conveyor?

Screw conveyors used in material transportation in industrial processes and production facilities are effective equipment that facilitates material transportation and loading processes. Screw conveyors are widely used in many different industrial sectors and offer many advantages.

A prominent feature of screw conveyors is their high material carrying capacity. Having a higher material carrying capacity than other conveyor systems accelerates production processes and increases efficiency.

Additionally, screw conveyors can effectively guide material transport in 3D space. This allows material to be raised or lowered vertically, moving it along a horizontal line.

Hygiene and material protection are important advantages of screw conveyors. It transports and protects materials in a clean and hygienic manner, especially when used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Screw Conveyor Usage Areas

Screw conveyors are versatile equipment commonly used to facilitate material handling in industrial facilities. These conveyors are used for a variety of purposes in many different industrial sectors. Here are some areas where screw conveyors are commonly used:

  1. Food Industry: Screw conveyors are widely used in the transportation and processing of food products. It facilitates material handling, especially in packaging and processing lines.
  2. Agricultural Sector: These conveyors are used for transportation, loading and storage of agricultural products. It is especially suitable for transporting grain, seeds and other agricultural products.
  3. Chemical Industry: Screw conveyors effectively carry out material transportation in the transportation and processing of chemical products.
  4. Material Recycling: Screw conveyors are widely used in collecting and processing waste materials. It accelerates the recycling processes of waste.
  5. Construction Materials: Screw conveyors are frequently used in the transportation and loading of sand, cement, gravel and other construction materials.
  6. Automotive Industry: During automobile manufacturing, screw conveyors play a major role in moving and processing parts to the assembly line.
  7. Metal Industry: Screw conveyors are used during the transportation and processing of metal parts. It is especially common in foundries and manufacturing facilities.
  8. Energy Production: Screw conveyors are used to transport and store coal, biomass and other energy resources. It automates material handling processes in power generation facilities.

Screw conveyors facilitate material handling and increase efficiency while also reducing labor costs. Therefore, it is an indispensable equipment for many industries.