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Self Cleaning Elevator

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Self Cleaning Elevator Detailed Description

Efesilo Self-cleaning elevator ensures low-speed vertical transmission by minimizing the mixing of the transported products with its round-shaped adjustable lower head.

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What is the use of a self-cleaning elevator?

Today’s technology is constantly improving to make our lives easier and healthier. Self-cleaning elevators are an example of this technological advancement. This special design automatically cleans the elevator interior and contact surfaces.

Importance of Hygiene: The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how critical cleanliness and hygiene are. Self-cleaning elevators help users stay safe by being constantly disinfected.

Automatic Cleaning: These special elevators automatically sterilize the cabins at regular intervals. This process is accomplished using UV light or chemical disinfectants.

Ease of Use: Self-cleaning elevators offer great convenience for users. They can be used conveniently without worrying about cleaning, thus saving time.

Self-Cleaning Elevator Usage Areas

  1. Hospitals: Hospitals are places where hygiene must be kept at the highest level. Self-cleaning elevators increase the safety of patients and healthcare personnel.
  2. Airports: Airports are places where there are busy transitions. Self-cleaning elevators allow passengers to travel without worrying about hygiene.
  3. Shopping Malls: Shopping malls host thousands of visitors daily. Self-cleaning elevators ensure that shopping center visitors are comfortable with hygiene.
  4. Hotels: Hotels constantly host their guests. Self-cleaning elevators increase guest comfort and safety.
  5. Business Centers: Business centers are places where many employees are located. Clean and hygienic elevators protect the health of employees.
  6. Apartment Buildings: Apartment residents can continue their daily lives in a more hygienic way.
  7. Educational Institutions: Schools and universities can use this technology to minimize contact between students and teachers.
  8. Office Buildings: Self-cleaning elevators designed for the daily use of thousands of people in office buildings support the health of office employees and increase work efficiency.

Self-cleaning elevators offer an effective way to improve hygiene standards and ensure the safety of users for a wide range of institutions and organisations. This technology helps us lay the foundations for a safe and hygienic future.