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Silo – D Model

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Silo – D Model Information:

Maximum Capacity:
140 m³
2,75m - 4,58m
Quality Certificate:

Silo - D Model Detailed Description

EFESİLO Conical Bottom Silo D Series ensures healthy storage and unloading by preventing the product from adhering to the silo walls due to the lack of pitch of the wall sheets.

Conical Bottom Silo D Series; Ideal for grain, seed, fertilizer, bran storage requirements. Thanks to its diameters varying between 2.75 m and 4.58 m, a maximum of 140 m³ of product can be stored.

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What is Silo - D Model Used for?

Silo D model is a silo type generally designed for storage needs. This silo model offers a storage solution that can be used for storing a variety of materials in various industries. The basic functions of the Silo D model include material storage, protection and transfer.

It is a storage unit that can address a wide range of industrial applications and provide solutions to storage needs with various materials. This model plays an important role in increasing efficiency in industrial processes by ensuring effective storage, protection and transfer of materials.

Silo - D Model Usage Areas

The Silo D model is a storage solution with a wide range of uses in various industries. This model is a versatile type of silo that can be used for storing and managing different materials. Here are some areas where the Silo D model is widely used:

  1. Food Industry: Silo D model can be used for storing food products such as flour, grain, sugar, rice. Since hygienic storage and protection of ingredients is important in the food industry, the Silo D model is suitable to meet these requirements.
  2. Construction Industry: Silo D model can be used for the storage and transfer of construction materials such as cement, sand, gravel and concrete. It is a suitable solution for the safe transportation of these materials to construction sites.
  3. Chemical Industry: Silo D model can be preferred for storage and transfer of chemical materials. Safe storage of various chemicals is important in the chemical industry.
  4. Energy Sector: Silo D model can be used to store and use energy resources such as coal, biomass, wood pellets. It allows effective management of materials in energy production facilities.
  5. Plastic and Polymer Industry: Silo D model is suitable for storing plastic granules, polymer materials and other plastic products. Maintaining the quality of materials is important in these industries.
  6. Agriculture and Livestock: Silo D model can be used in agricultural and livestock applications such as storing agricultural products, storing feed materials and managing animal manure.
  7. Waste Management: Silo D model can be used for storage and management of waste materials. It can help effectively store waste materials in recycling facilities.

The Silo D model offers a suitable solution for many industrial applications that often require material storage and transfer. Available in a variety of capacities and features, it provides a storage solution to suit different business needs.