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Silo – IM Model

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Silo – IM Model Information:

1x1m - 4x4m (customizable)
Lower Taper Angle:
45┬░ - 60┬░
Quality Certificate:

Silo - IM Model Detailed Description

Our silos can be produced in the size range of 1×1 m to 4×4 m and in different capacities according to need. It is designed to be used in the storage and transfer of various products. Thanks to its conical structure, emptying the entire silo is facilitated.

Square silos have options in different sizes and heights. It facilitates assembly with its bolted connection and provides the opportunity to use the space in the most efficient way thanks to its square modular structure.

The lower cones are at 45┬░ or 60┬░ angles. All 8.8 quality bolts and nuts used in the connections of square silos are galvanized. Additionally, special sealing elements are used in the connections to ensure perfect insulation. Our IM Model silos have square outlet

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What is the Use of Silo - IM Model?

The Silo IM model is a storage solution designed for material storage and management in industrial facilities. This model is especially used for the storage and processing of materials with large grain sizes such as construction materials, minerals and similar. The main functions of Silo IM include material storage, protection, dosing and transfer operations.

The Silo IM model is generally used in industrial facilities where large grain size materials need to be stored, such as the construction industry, mining facilities, aggregate storage facilities. This model streamlines material management, increases efficiency and allows effective storage of large volumes of materials.

Silo - IM Model Usage Areas

The silo IM model is commonly used in industrial facilities where materials with large grain sizes must be stored and managed. Here are some areas of use where the Silo IM model is frequently preferred:

  1. Construction Industry: The Silo IM model is the ideal solution for storing construction materials. It is used to store and process materials with large grain sizes such as gravel, sand and aggregate before being used in construction projects.
  2. Mining Facilities: Ore, quarried materials and other mineral types can be stored using the Silo IM model. It allows effective management of large volumes of materials in these facilities.
  3. Aggregate Storage Facilities: Aggregate production facilities can use the Silo IM model in facilities where various construction materials are produced and stored. Materials stored in these facilities can then be used in concrete, asphalt and other construction applications.
  4. Road Construction: Silo IM model is preferred for storing materials used in road construction projects. Materials with large grain sizes are stored in such silos before being used in road construction projects.
  5. Railway Projects: Materials with large grain sizes, such as ballast materials used in railway construction projects, can be stored through Silo IM models.
  6. Port and Marine Construction: The Silo IM model plays an important role in the storage and processing of materials used in marine construction projects, such as materials with large grain sizes such as sand, gravel and stone.

The Silo IM model offers an effective storage solution in industrial environments where materials with generally large grain sizes must be stored and managed. It regulates material management in these areas of use and provides advantages to businesses in terms of efficiency and material flow.