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Electric, Manual, Pneumatic
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Sliding Door Detailed Description

EFESİLO Sliding Doors;

It allows the product flow to be controlled. They are designed depending on the product type and capacity.

Electric, Manual or Pneumatic controlled models are available.

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What is the Use of the Sliding Door?

Sliding gates are a type of gate that opens and closes an opening and usually moves in plane. These types of covers are used primarily in industrial and commercial applications and have a variety of functions. The basic function of sliding doors is to slide smoothly to close or open an opening.

It is generally a preferred type of cover due to its easy installation, low maintenance requirements and flexible use in various application areas. Available in a variety of sizes and materials, sliding doors can be designed to suit specific application requirements.

Sliding Door Usage Areas

Sliding doors are versatile types of doors used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Uses of these covers include:

  1. Storage Facilities: In large storage facilities, sliding doors are often used to divide different zones within the warehouse, streamlining material handling systems and optimizing spaces within the warehouse.
  2. Industrial Facilities: In factories, sliding doors are used to isolate production lines, processing areas or different production sections from each other and regulate the workflow. These covers are also used to control access to processing equipment and increase security.
  3. Maritime: Sliding covers are used on ships to isolate underwater areas, provide water tightness and organize material transportation, especially in ship cargo areas.
  4. Transportation Vehicles: Sliding covers are used in train wagons, truck trailers and containers to protect loads, facilitate access to materials and ensure safety during transportation.
  5. Building Design: In modern building design, sliding doors offer an aesthetic and functional solution at large entrances or specially designed windows. Glass sliding doors are frequently preferred, especially in commercial and residential areas.
  6. Aviation: In aircraft, sliding hatches are used to close or open engine compartments. They can also be used to protect landing gear and improve the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft.
  7. Water and Wastewater Processing Facilities: In water treatment facilities, sliding gates are used to control the openings on water channels and to regulate the water diversion and processing processes.
  8. Automotive Industry: In the automotive industry, sliding doors can be used in vehicle storage compartments, trunks and driver’s compartments.

Sliding doors are a preferred cover solution in many industries and sectors due to their flexible design and diverse application areas.