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Electric, Manual, Panomatic
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Special production
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Valve Detailed Description


It allows the product to be directed to where it needs to go without any problems. They are designed depending on the product type and capacity.

Electric, Manual or Pneumatic controlled models are available.

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What is the use of the valve?

Clamps are mechanical devices used to control or regulate the passage of fluids (usually liquid or gas) through pipelines. These valves are designed to stop, direct or regulate the movement of fluid in a system. The basic function of valves is to control the flow of fluid in a pipeline and stop or release it when necessary.

Clamps are widely used in many industrial applications. They are found in many industries, from the oil and gas industry to water and wastewater treatment plants, from power plants to the chemical industry. Valves play an important role in ensuring the safe and effective operation of systems and have a critical impact on flow control within a facility or system.

Valve Usage Areas

Clamps are used for a variety of tasks in many industrial and commercial applications. Here are some areas where clips are commonly used:

  1. Oil and Gas Industry: Various types of valves are used in oil refineries and gas processing facilities to control pipelines, direct gas and stop flow.
  2. Water and Wastewater Treatment: Clamps are used in water treatment plants to direct water, regulate pressure and control treatment processes.
  3. Power Plants: In power plants, valves are used to control steam and water circuits. In addition, the clamps used in gas turbines and generators play an important role in energy production.
  4. Chemical Industry: In chemical plants, clamps are used to transport and process various chemicals. They are used in processes such as controlling chemical reactors and regulating flow.
  5. Maritime: Clamps are used on ships to control sea water, fuel and various fluids. This applies to ship sailing states, cooling systems and fuel management.
  6. Automotive Industry: In the automotive industry, clamps are used in vehicle cooling systems, fuel systems and braking systems.
  7. Aviation: In aircraft, valves are used for engine controls, fuel management and airflow control.
  8. Food and Beverage Industry: Clamps are used in food processing facilities for directing, dosing and mixing liquids and gases.
  9. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC): In HVAC systems used in buildings, valves are used to control air flow, regulate heat transfer and increase energy efficiency.
  10. Manufacturing: In general, in the manufacturing sector, clamps are used for flow control and regulation of processes in material handling machines, robots and other automation systems.

These areas show that clamps span a variety of application areas and are used in many different tasks across industries. Clamps are considered a critical component to ensure systems operate safely and efficiently.