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Walking and Service Path - Lattice Type Detailed Description

Efesilo Lattice Type Walking and Service Road Systems;

It is manufactured as modules from UPN, IPN, IPE, H type standard iron profiles. Modules are sent to the assembly site disassembled and completely bolted. Our productions are optionally galvanized or painted. Special productions are made to suit your needs and business.

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Walking and Service Road - What is the Use of Lattice Type?

Walking and service road cage type attracts attention as a special structure profile used in industrial facilities and storage areas. This lattice type structure is usually made of steel or durable materials and has a special lattice-like design. Walking and service road truss type has various functionalities and is generally used in the following areas.

This type of structure is designed to create walking paths and service roads. It is used to move safely at high levels or between different levels. As a walkway, it allows workers to move around industrial facilities, making it easier for them to move effectively during maintenance, repair or general operations.

As a service road, the walking and haul road lattice type provides access for maintenance, repair or reconstruction of industrial equipment. In this way, the upper parts of the machines or installations can be easily reached and maintenance operations can be carried out more safely.

The walkway and haul road lattice type feature a modular structure, which allows them to be customized and assembled to suit different needs. This modular structure supports easy assembly and disassembly, while also offering flexible design options.

This cage-type structure is often used in industrial facilities, storage areas, manufacturing facilities and similar environments, improving safety and helping workers move, access and perform operations effectively.

Walking and Service Path Cage Type Usage Areas

The walkway and service road truss type is used as a versatile construction profile that appeals to a wide range of industrial applications. Here are some areas where this lattice type structure is commonly used:

  1. Industrial Facilities: Walking and service road cage type is generally used for maintenance, repair and access of machinery and equipment in industrial facilities. The steel cage structure allows workers to move safely at high levels.
  2. Storage and Logistics Centers: Used in large storage areas to facilitate access to shelving systems and material transportation. Lattice type structure increases operational efficiency by creating walkways and service roads in storage facilities.
  3. Production Facilities: It is used in production facilities, especially in areas that require access to high machinery or equipment. This structure allows workers to work and perform maintenance operations safely.
  4. Power Plants: In power plants, wind energy facilities and other energy production facilities, walking and service road cage type optimizes maintenance and repairs by facilitating access to equipment at high points.
  5. Maritime and Ports: It is used in ports, ship maintenance and cargo transportation operations. The walking and service way cage type provides safe access to high areas on ships.
  6. Airports: Can be used at airports for aircraft maintenance and repairs. Cage-type structures provide safe access to high points on aircraft.

These uses show that the walkway and haulway truss type meets a variety of needs within a wide range of industries. These structures provide safe access to high places, increasing occupational safety standards and optimizing operational processes in industrial facilities.