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Walkway Support Legs

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Walkway Support Legs Information:

Special production
Body Connection:
3 Ring - 4 Ring
Quality Certificate:

Chain Conveyor Detailed Description

Efesilo Silo Supports and accessories;
It is manufactured in modules, taking into account snow, wind and seismic loads that may affect the structural system. It is produced with 3 ring or 4 ring connections to the silo body. The modules are sent to the assembly site in disassembled form and completely bolted assembly is made. Special productions are made to suit your needs and business.

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What Do Walkway Support Feet Do?

Walkway support legs are important structural elements widely used in construction and infrastructure projects. These feet are used to increase the durability and strength of walkways, bridges, pavements and similar floor structures. Let’s start by explaining, without emphasis, what the walkway support legs do.

Walkway support legs form the infrastructure of roads designed for pedestrian traffic. These feet enable the walking path or paving slabs to be placed by lifting them from a height, thus protecting the path from high water levels, soil erosion or other environmental factors.

Additionally, walkway outriggers help the walkway create a smooth surface, making it a more comfortable experience for walking or cycling. These feet raise the road smoothly and maintain the height.

Walkway support legs must be resistant to the loads that the road frequently encounters. Various loads, such as cars, bicycles, and pedestrian traffic, must be supported by these legs. Additionally, since these feet are frequently exposed to weather conditions and corrosive factors, they must be made of durable materials.

Usage Areas of Walkway Support Feet

Walkway support legs are structural elements that offer a wide range of uses and are preferred in many different areas. Here are some areas where walkway support legs are commonly used:

  1. Walkways and Sidewalks: These piers are used in the construction of pedestrian paths, sidewalks and bicycle paths. It creates a smooth surface by lifting road plates from a height and thus allows people to move safely.
  2. Bridges: Walkway support legs are commonly used in the construction of pedestrian bridges and paths. These structures provide passage over high openings and gaps.
  3. Parking Lots: These feet are used in parking areas to raise and organize parking spaces. This helps optimize parking arrangement.
  4. Infrastructure Projects: In infrastructure projects, these feet are used to support infrastructure elements such as water pipes, sewer lines and electrical cables.
  5. Industrial and Commercial Areas: In and around industrial facilities, walkway support legs are used to organize business areas and provide safe transportation.
  6. Maritime and Ports: Port facilities, piers and docks are built with walkway support legs. These structures provide cargo handling and ship access.
  7. Entertainment and Tourism Areas: These legs are used in entertainment and tourism areas such as thematic parks, boat piers, and beach paths.

Walkway outriggers serve as an essential component of a variety of building and infrastructure projects. These feet are preferred to ensure the durability and safety of roads, bridges, parking lots and many other structural projects. Additionally, these feet are important to enable people to move comfortably and safely in their daily lives.