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A walnut drying machine will be a must when growing walnuts, especially for those who have large gardens. Harvesting, which is as important or even more important in walnut cultivation, makes drying walnuts a must. The drying process is very important for the storage life of walnuts. For this purpose, the highest humidity levels required for shelled walnuts are determined by standards. For example, T.S.E. According to the regulations, 8% moisture content is required for dried shelled walnuts.

The process to be carried out after harvesting the walnut is the drying phase of the walnut. As the drying time increases, aflatoxin also begins to form, which means that it is not reasonable to waste your year’s product. Considering the walnut harvest time, it is not possible to dry walnuts in humid weather conditions. When we look at the countries that have a say in world walnut production, drying is done entirely by mechanical means. At this point, the most effective solution is drying machines.

Thanks to significantly reducing drying time, preventing losses and increasing product quality, EFE SILO walnut dryers are preferred throughout the sector and are in a leading position in the market.

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What are Walnut Dryers Used for?

Walnut dryers are equipment used especially in the agricultural sector and allow the walnuts to be stored and used by drying them correctly. Correct drying of walnuts both improves the quality of the product and provides suitable conditions for long-term storage.

These dryers generally have the capacity to dry walnuts quickly and effectively using air circulation and heating systems. Reducing the moisture inside the walnuts prevents the product from spoiling and also increases its durability. Additionally, the drying process makes it easier to separate the walnuts from their shells and results in a cleaner product before being presented to the consumer.

Walnut dryers offer agricultural producers an important tool to preserve and evaluate their seasonal products. This equipment is particularly useful when large quantities of walnuts are obtained during the harvest period. At the same time, it increases productivity by being widely used in walnut processing facilities and businesses producing on a commercial scale.

Walnut dryers contribute to a sustainable production process in the agricultural industry and optimize the marketing process by keeping walnut products fresh. In this way, it is possible to offer fresh and high-quality walnuts to consumers for a longer period of time, while also offering a more profitable marketing strategy to agricultural producers.

Usage Areas of Walnut Dryers

Walnut dryers are equipment generally used in the agricultural sector and designed to dry walnuts correctly. Uses of these dryers include:

  1. Agricultural Enterprises: Agricultural enterprises are places that produce large amounts of walnuts and process these products. Walnut dryers are widely used in agricultural enterprises for proper drying and storage of harvested walnuts.
  2. Walnut Processing Facilities: Walnut processing facilities are facilities that process walnuts in bulk and turn them into various products. In these facilities, walnut dryers optimize the processing process by drying raw walnuts.
  3. Small Farmers and Producers: Walnut dryers can also be used by small farmers and walnut producers. This allows small-scale producers to store and market their products for longer periods of time.
  4. Food Processing Industry: Walnuts can be included in various food products in dried or processed form. In the food processing industry, walnut dryers are used in the production of a variety of walnut-based products.
  5. Export and Trade: At points where walnuts are exported or traded, walnut dryers can help store and transport the products under suitable conditions. This provides a competitive advantage in international markets by maintaining the quality of the product.

Walnut dryers are used in a wide range of areas at every stage of walnut production, from harvest to processing and marketing. These equipment provide producers and businesses with a more efficient production process by keeping the walnuts fresh.