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Water Tank

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Water Tank Information:

Diameter Format:
1,83m - 16,5m
1,34m - 7,81m
Quality Certificate:

Water Tank Detailed Description

Efesilo Water Tanks offer a durable, cost-effective, excellent water storage solution. These silos can have diameters ranging from 1.83m to 16.5m and heights ranging from 1.34m to 7.81m.

Efesilo Water Storage Silos are the ideal tool for a wide range of applications such as rainwater, drinking water, wastewater and condensate tanks for irrigation, agriculture, greenhouses and aquaculture. Professionally designed to provide superior strength using flat corrugated steel sheet. Our Water Storage Silos are long lasting and easy to install.

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What is a Water Tank Used for?

Water tanks are important infrastructure elements designed for the storage and protection of water. These tanks contribute to the effective management of water by being used in various industrial, commercial and domestic applications. The basic functions of water tanks include storing water, providing pressure, using it in various areas such as emergency water supplies, fire extinguishing systems and irrigation.

They are important infrastructure elements that allow water to be managed efficiently and sustainably. These tanks help to use water resources more effectively, provide water supply in emergency situations, and store water safely in various applications.

Water Tank Usage Areas

Water tanks are important infrastructure elements used for storing and using water in various areas. Water tanks have a wide range of uses and address a variety of needs in different industries. Here are some areas where water tanks are commonly used:

  1. Domestic Use: Water tanks are used to meet the drinking and domestic water needs of homes. It is used in homes especially in areas where water resources are limited or there is irregular water supply.
  2. Agriculture and Irrigation: Water tanks are used to store water for irrigation systems in agricultural areas. This ensures regular and effective watering of plants, increasing agricultural efficiency.
  3. Fire Fighting: Water tanks are used as water sources for fire suppression systems. It provides rapid response and fire control capacity in case of fire.
  4. Industry and Manufacturing: In industrial facilities, water tanks are used to store water to be used in production processes. Large water tanks designed especially to meet the water needs of production facilities can be used.
  5. Construction and Building Projects: Water tanks are used in construction sites to meet the water needs of construction workers and to ensure water use in various construction processes.
  6. Hotels and Holiday Villages: Water tanks are used in touristic facilities, hotels and holiday villages to meet the drinking water and domestic water needs of guests.
  7. Emergency and Humanitarian Aid: Water tanks can be used to supply water in cases of natural disasters or emergencies. This is used to provide water to communities in case water resources are rapidly depleted.
  8. Livestock: Water tanks are used on farms to meet the drinking water needs of animals and to protect animal health.

Water tanks are versatile and important infrastructure elements that enable water to be stored and used effectively and serve needs in various sectors. These tanks contribute to the sustainable management of water and meeting water supply needs.